Rising energy prices are never far from the headlines at the moment.

Copymark is offering clients an innovative solution which could see costs cut and also a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Copymark is so confident in the Impero technology that it has adopted it internally, monitoring and tracking power consumption, cutting hidden IT costs and increasing efficiencies across the business.

It is also offering a free 30 day trial of the system.

Power management

Ever-increasing energy bills and stretched budgets can generate management issues when it comes to delivering an economically functional network. Impero Workplace Pro includes an impressive power management feature proven to save time, cut those hidden IT costs and effectuate a return on investment in just 608 months. The scheduled powering on/off or hibernation of devices, network-wide, ensures that energy consumption is tackled with a conscious and well-managed approach.

Benefits for network managers

Huge cost savings can be realised through power management. Scheduled powering-off devices ensures machines are not left on during non-work hours, and the creation of rule to hibernate machines if they have been idle for a specified amount of time contributes further to a decrease in power consumption throughout your organisation.

Reduce carbon footprint.

How your devices work is important, but how they affect the environment is crucial, too. By implementing a well-managed approach to your organisation’s power usage, you directly contribute to a more sustainable environment. This serves to fulfil sustainability initiatives, so you can prove the effectiveness of a carbon management strategy.

Save time

Schedule to automatically power on/off devices, across your network, by device, location or individual user; this eradicates the need to dash from department-to-department in a desperate attempt to reduce energy usage. Now, with masses of time freed up, you can dedicate work hours to those additional, more vital tasks.

Efficient management

The ability to monitor and track power consumption, with live statistics delivered to your machine, helps you to identify both realised and potential cost savings. Reports detailing how much power has been used (and saved) enable you to purposely establish policies based on usage. These clever and extensive reporting functionalities reveal live data to demonstrate cost and energy saving, in turn, reducing environmental impact.

Prevent loss of work

Application detection prevents the loss of any work, intelligently recognising unsaved documents on scheduled and manual shutdown.

Increase department budgets

The cost saving realised through power management provide additional finances which can address other areas, for example your particular department. Investing money (which was previously spent on power consumption) in additional resources significantly increase the quality of work produced by your workforce.

Customised policy schedules

  • Power policies by device/location/user
  • Centralised group structure
  • Automated power on/off of computers
  • Scheduled power policies to activate down to 5 minute intervals
  • Schedule policy to run for X hours on Y days
  • Power off computers if idle for X time
  • Hibernate computers if idle for X time
  • Standby computers if idle for X time
  • Prevent users from powering-on computers
  • Prevent vulnerabilities and security threats
  • Prevent users stopping scheduled shutdown
  • Force applications to close on scheduled power off
  • Cancel scheduled power off of specific applications are running

Power usage reports

  • Generate power usage reports specific to organisation
  • Create specified report criteria
  • Reports delivered by computer group
  • Select date range for usage
  • Generate accurate reports on energy cost
  • Calculate potential cost savings
  • Generate accurate reports on energy consumption
  • Double rate energy cost ability (specify day cost and night cost)
  • Run regular saved reports
  • Save reports and export reports to PDF
  • View summary of report
  • View detailed breakdown of report
  • View usage analysis
  • View all usage and consumption results in graph form
  • Export idle computer statistics to a CVS file
  • Report on overall wasted energy cost

“Impero allows us to manage our power consumption. Statistics on computer usage means that we have access to live data indicating the power we have used – and saved!”

Bicton College, UK

“Every feature within Impero saves time – it’s as simple as that.”

Blessed Robert Johnson College, UK

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