As the number 1 dealer for UTAX products in Great Britain and Ireland, Copymark now offers this innovative three-tier colour coverage system which is available through a UTAX range of colour multifunctionals and can significantly reduce the cost of colour printing for your customers.

This system automatically calculates the number of colour dots used to produce each page and then records the page against one of 4 meters depending on the level of colour usage – meaning you only ever pay for the colour you have used.

Previous colour multifunctional devices showed counters for just colour or mono. Now, if enabled, the new 3005CI provides 3 meters for colour page counts based on levels of coverage low, middle or high. The Dealer is also able to switch colour coverage counters on or off (off as default).

The major benefit of the tiered billing system is that it can significantly reduce costs for those customers with low colour coverage output where previously a full colour click would be charged (I.e letters with one colour logo).

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